About Us

Waggin' The Dog, Inc.

Waggin' The Dog (dba Hair of the Dog, Inc.) is a family owned and operated business from the Republic of Texas. Our mission is to offer the best of the best products and take pride in bringing “Doggone Good” cocktail mixes, spices and salsas.

Our products are made by licensed co-packers in Houston and San Antonio using the freshest ingredients available. All of our products have been laboratory tested and certified for quality, safety and shelf-life. The “Bite Scale” was designed as a way to determine the heat level of our products.

Think of it like a 1-10 + rating scale:

Yip (1) - Nip - Snip - Woof - Bark (5) - Howl - Yelp - Snarl - Growl - Chomp (10) - Aye! Chihuahua

Our Double Gold Medal Winning Serrano Bloody Mary Mix is a classic with a kick. This mix infuses serrano chilis, garlic, onion, lime and tomato for a GROWLin' great taste: chunky, fresh, spicy and delicious.

Get your tail waggin' with our Silver Medal Award Winning Chipotle Bloody Mary Mix. It's chunky, fresh, smoky and HOWLin' “Phabulous”. You won't need to add anything to these mixes to enjoy a “Phantastic” Bloody Mary straight out of the bottle, although Phydeau recommends boiled shrimp, pickled quail eggs, pickled okra, olives, celery and, of course, one or two pork ribs for a “Phyrey” liquid lunch. “It'll fix what bit ya”!

Our Award-Winning Pork Rib Rub is hand crafted with the “average joe/jane” in mind. For those challenged with keeping a pit fire at 225° for 5 hours or don't own a grill, our Sweet and Spicy Pork Rib Rub recipe is “Phoolproof” in the oven. Also great for those smoke masters and backyard grill kings/queens looking to “up your game”. Our rub is utilized by cook-off teams and restaurants. In March 2020 Smokers of Anarchy (formerly RQ Smoke Masters) used our rub on steaks at a fundraising event hosted by Texas Governor Greg Abbot.

CEO Phydeaux (pronounced Fido), says:
“They're all so 'DOGGONE GOOD' I can't control my licker!
Please enjoy and… “BEWARE THE BITE!”